Installing a Tesla M40 24GB on Windows 10
Installing a Tesla M40 24GB on Windows 10

Installing a Tesla M40 24GB on Windows 10

A simple guide for how to get a lot of VRAM for a cheap price

At the writing of this post, it is possible to get a Tesla M40 24GB for the price of $179 on eBay, it is a low price for the amount of VRAM you will get. As of this time getting an equivalent of VRAM (RTX 3090) will cost me about 14,000 NOK here in Norway which is about $1,438.

Table of Contents


  1. Tesla M40 24GB.
  2. Integrated graphics or second GPU for video output (Tesla M40 24GB doesn’t have any video output).
  3. 3 x 92mm fans (Noctua NF-B9 2x and Noctua NF-A9 were used).
  4. PCI bracket for NVIDIA Tesla M40.
  5. NVIDIA Dual 8 to 8 Graphics Power Cable (2×8-pin Pci-e to 1×8-Pin CPU).
  6. T6 Torx Screwdriver.
  7. Aluminum Foil Tape.
  8. Pliers.
  9. Zip ties.

01 – BIOS

  1. Enable integrated graphics if you are not using a dedicated graphics card for video output in BIOS.
  2. Enable Above 4G decoding in BIOS

02 – Modification

Remove Cover with the T6 Torx Screwdriver, and replace the PCI bracket.

Figure 1. The GPU.

Figure 2. T6 torx screws.

Use pliers to bend the heat sink fins up. Don’t try to cut the bends as I did on my first try.

Figure 3. Don’t do this….

Figure 4. All heat sink fins bent.

Attach Fans with Zip ties, then use Aluminum Foil Tape around the gaps to make the airflow even over the card even and exit at the bracket part.

Figure 5. Fan attached.

Install the GPU in the computer and attach the NVIDIA Dual 8 to 8 Graphics Power Cable to the PSU as well as the power for the fans.

Figure 6. Installed.

03 – For gaming or Machine learning?

  • For gaming download the Quadro M6000 driver on the NVIDIA driver website
    • Follow steps 04 and 05.
  • For Machine learning download the Data Center / Tesla – M40 Driver for Windows on the NVIDIA driver website.

Figure 7. And it is ready for use.

04For Gaming

Switch from TCC mode to WDDM mode to be able to run games. Do this by running the command below to get the GPUS ID number in CMD.

nvidia-smi -L

Figure 8. cmd output.

Then run the command below to switch to WDDM:

nvidia-smi -g GPU-5aa247f7-fa8b-48be-5e02-801848fb6df7 -dm 0

Then reboot.

05 – Assign your game to use the Tesla M40 24GB

  • Go to Start → Setting → System → Display.
  • Click on “Graphics Settings”

Figure 9. Settings.

  • Find the .exe of the game.
  • Then click options → Specific GPU → NVIDIA Tesla M40 24GB.
  • (I’m using my card only for ML so where it says Radeon RX 480 under High performance it supposed to say NVIDIA Tesla M40 24GB)

Figure 10. Graphics settings.

And now it possible to use the Tesla M40 24GB card to game on.

06 – Conclusion

I did actually end up using a Radeon RX 480 as my dedicated GPU, and the Tesla M40 24GB connected with a PCI riser and it works fine. By running Deepfacelab for over 24 hours, the max temperature did reach 86°C and the idle temp was around 33.

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